Why work with Invictus Utilities?

At Invictus Utilities we love what we do and we consistently strive to deliver the highest standards to our customers. Working with Invictus Utilities you’ll be part of a dynamic and rapidly growing business, we know how important our partners are to the business. Our success is a reflection of our people, so being a great business depends on us having great people.

All our team are upbeat enthusiastic and energetic and enjoy both their time working and social activities. Why not find out for yourself and enjoy the benefits working with us.

Earn an extra income and save your customers and friends money

Becoming a partner allows you to generate a bit of income, whether doing it as a core part of your business or simply looking for ways to earn extra money outside of your ‘day job’.
Our partner program is designed to provide you with enough information to sell our services easily.

Why Partner with Us?
  • Generate an income by recommending customers, friends and family to any of our always in demand products.
  • Simple, easy to understand initial and ongoing training provided, if required.
  • Help save your customers and/or friends and family on their telecoms spend each month

To get more information on becoming a partner complete your details by clicking here and a member of our partner team will be in contact with you in no time.