Are savings guaranteed?

No, as that depends on how well you have previously contracted, and the overall cost of energy including increasing government levies.

How do Chip & PIN card machines work?

Our chip and pin card machines are securely logged on to a merchant bank account. Every time a card transaction takes place, the chip and pin card machine sends encrypted transaction data securely to the merchant bank, where the card transaction is then processed. Once the payment has been approved you should then receive the funds into your business bank account within 1-3 working days. Please refer to the merchant account Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

How is Invictus Utilities charging for the service?

No fee is charged for the initial cost analysis, which will analyse existing contracts to identify opportunities for savings. Where a contract tender is provided, Invictus Utilities charge a commission to the energy suppliers, which are typically mitigated by savings achieved.

If renewable energy is good why doesn’t everyone have it?

A vast amount of the general public are still blissfully unaware of the potential benefits of renewable energy. With fossil fuel alternatives being much more widely accessible it is quicker and easier (but not smarter) to go with conventional LPG or Oil boilers.

Is renewable energy right for me?

In some cases, the figures just do not add up to install a renewable energy system in your property. If this is ever the case, we will refuse to go ahead and let you know the best way to go forward with your project, as we would much rather have no customer rather than an unhappy one.

Isn’t it cheaper for me to go direct to the energy companies?

In nearly all cases an energy broker will obtain better rates than an individual approaching energy companies direct, due to brokers having access to the B2B teams within energy companies, and approaching more suppliers in obtaining quotes.

What are the advantages of accepting credit and debit cards?

As most people carry very little or no cash at all, accepting cards means you will gain more customers and those already buying from you may even spend more. You will also be able to accept cards over the telephone, via mail order and over the internet. Accepting cards also encourages impulse buying when a customer does not have cash available to make an immediate purchase. Cash flow can be dramatically improved as a direct result of accepting credit and debit cards.

What are the benefits of taking credit and debit cards?

As credit and debit cards are now most peoples’ methods of payment, there are many benefits to accepting plastic, such as: More customers through your door, no cash restrictions means more sales, browsers become buyers, new sales opportunities by phone, mail and online, more impulse buying and improved cash flow.

What is a Letter of Authority (LOA)?

An LOA is a letter that gives Invictus Utilities authority to speak to energy suppliers on your behalf. This is required in order to gather data and prices and enables us to find you the best rate. This letter does not allow us to place a new contract or change your existing contract without your permission, and does not in any way form a contract between yourselves and Invictus Utilities.

What is a merchant account? Do I have to have one?

You must have a merchant account should you wish to accept debit or credit card payments from your customers. A merchant account allows you to process credit and debit cards from your Chip & PIN card machine as your business account cannot offer this facility. A merchant account works as a link between your Chip & PIN card machine and your business account. When a payment is put through your Chip & PIN terminal, it is processed through the merchant account.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is widely regarded as any energy that is derived from resources that are sustainable on a human timescale, such as solar, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat. However, small scale renewable energy installations use Micro-generation technologies such as Heat Pumps, Biomass and Solar.