Whether you need budget certainty or a contract with flexibility, our energy experts will provide you with the advice and support you need


At Invictus Utilities we understand that managing your business overheads are a crucial part of staying competitive. Your business energy costs are no different, maintaining the lowest possible rates can be a minefield, with a huge number of suppliers, literally thousands of tariffs and even the various different metering options, at Invictus Utilities we are dedicated to providing You with the right solution, quickly and hassle free.

It is very important that we understand your business and exactly what your energy needs are! We need to know how you use your energy, how much you use and when you use it so we can see the full picture.

Supplier Terms & Conditions can be a complete minefield however with an educated understanding of your business our energy experts can present you with the best deals and the most effective contracts.

Once you have signed your new contract we will secure the rates with the Energy Supplier on your behalf to ensure you are ready to start making savings.

We will handle all the switching (if that’s needed) and manage the new and old suppliers so you can sit back and look forward to a new lower cost energy supply. Saving money on energy has never been easier!

Invictus Energy