Whether you need budget certainty or a contract with flexibility, our energy experts will provide you with the advice and support you need


At Invictus Utilities we understand that managing your business overheads are a crucial part of staying competitive. Your business energy costs are no different, maintaining the lowest possible rates can be a minefield, with a huge number of suppliers, literally thousands of tariffs and even the various different metering options, at Invictus Utilities we are dedicated to providing You with the right solution, quickly and hassle free.

It is very important that we understand your business and exactly what your energy needs are! We need to know how you use your energy, how much you use and when you use it so we can see the full picture.

Supplier Terms & Conditions can be a complete minefield however with an educated understanding of your business our energy experts can present you with the best deals and the most effective contracts.

Once you have signed your new contract we will secure the rates with the Energy Supplier on your behalf to ensure you are ready to start making savings.

We will handle all the switching (if that’s needed) and manage the new and old suppliers so you can sit back and look forward to a new lower cost energy supply. Saving money on energy has never been easier!



Why Switch?

Join thousands of other UK businesses saving money on their energy costs. Did you know that if you’re not in an energy contract, you’re ‘out of contract’, meaning you could be paying up to 70% more than you should be without your knowledge or agreement? We can find out if you’re over spending or ‘out of contract’, assess the market for the best deal, and rapidly reduce your rates!

Are you moving? Did you know that energy contracts do not transfer from one location
to another? Existing contracts automatically cease, and a new contract is required for your new space. When you first move in, you will be automatically paying ‘deemed rates’, these are much higher than normal contract rates. Most businesses will not find out that they are on these rates until their first energy bill arrives! We’ll go out to market, find you the best deal, and move you onto cheaper rates as soon as possible.

Get in touch or leave your details on our contact form and we’ll help manage your move to avoid any unwanted surprises!

We'll do all the hard work

We recognise that your energy contracts probably aren’t your priority, however if you can reduce your continued outgoing costs in a few minutes with minimal effort and hassle, why not? We’ll manage everything for you, allowing you to continue to focus on
running your business. Invictus Utilities are a leading UK energy consultant who manage over £100m of energy expenditure per year for UK business customers of all sizes, ranging from the smallest high street shop right up to international airports.

Invictus Utilities have strong purchasing power, having built and maintained relationships with all major UK energy suppliers and more, serving the business market. We only work with suppliers who we trust to provide the best deals and great service to our customers.
It’s a free service! Once we recommend the best deal available to you, the decision is yours, we won’t organise a new contract until you have given us the go ahead.It’s quick! By clicking on the red and yellow buttons at the top of this page you can view a live comparison quote, comparing the best deals out there, in minutes! Then we’ll do the rest, saving you the time and trouble of calling around the market looking for a good deal.

Invictus  know their stuff. You will be assigned your own expert account manager, who will be on hand to assist you with any queries you may have and provide any support you may need.We’ll keep you in the loop. We’ll ensure you are aware of your new contract details and let you know when your renewal is due, organising your new contract at the right time, when the market is favourable.

Management Services

Our experts can help you reduce costs!

We will obtain bespoke quotes to fit your requirements, going out to the whole market to analyse all options available to you. We use our strong supplier relationships, vast market knowledge and extensive experience to ensure that we can present the best offers to you.

We can offer the following services based around consumption, validation and reporting;

Consumption records:
Storing, managing and validating your consumption data to a high standard and level of accuracy using our advanced energy management software

Managing your costs:
Detailed provisional invoice creation and budget information

Validity of charges:
A complete supplier invoice validation service, a record of all invoices raised and an account management service to query invoice errors with the supplier

Reporting suite:
A full array of reports available on consumption trends and invoice records.

And if desired, a combined fully managed package of all services listed above.
Working with you, we will manage tenders using our existing corporate energy management system and process. Our package can be designed on a bespoke basis to manage your needs and expectations. We can provide advice and support to help you fully understand your options and make the right decision.

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