What is High Value Household Insurance?

A bespoke Home Insurance, the service can tailor each policy to your specific needs, and ensure you are adequately protected. Our High Value Home Insurance kicks in where the contents (& Valuables) is too high for standard policies, there is a minimum of £75,000 contents to quote and there is no upper limit for many of our insurers.

Key Points of Cover
  • Varied product range to suit all needs
  • Warranty free insurance available
  • Quality enhanced claims service
  • Flexible underwriting acceptance

Building Insurance

Building Insurance covers the physical building or any other structure with the boundaries of the land. It can be extended to include hard tennis courts, lawns, ornamental man-made ponds, permanently fitted hot tubs and swimming pool. The insurers will cover you for all risks of physical loss or damage to the buildings occurs during the period of insurance – unless any exclusion apply on the policy. Accidental Damage cover and also be added to the policy too.

Contents Cover

The household goods and personal belongings of the home. This covers clothing and furs, credit cards, furniture and furnishings i.e. sofas, beds, table and chairs. Accidental Damage is covered can also be added, as well as worldwide cover for all contents.

Legal Expenses

Legal Expenses simply provides support with legal fees when taking legal action against a third party, should cover be required you should let your adviser know. Some Insurers will also include Personal Identity Protection within their policies, to help support customers that have had issues.

Occupier & Personal Liability

The insurers will pay any amounts agreed if your client becomes legally liable to pay others, but only as a result of accidental damage to property or death or bodily injury to any person.

Fine Art, Antiques and Collectables

Items of special or high quality, or of artistic merit. This includes, but is not limited to:

• Designer And Antique Furniture;
• Rugs And Tapestries;
• Books, Manuscripts, Drawings, Etchings, Paintings, Photographs, Prints And Sculptures;
• Stamps, Coins Or Medals Forming Part Of A Collection;
• Gold, Silver, Plated Items (Dinner Services Etc);

Any item valued at greater than £15,000 will be specified under the policy and a full description of the item is required.

Jewellery, Watches, Guns and Furs

Items that are worn containing gemstones, silver, gold, platinum, precious metals and watches, pearls and gemstones. Clients would also be expected to specify cover requirements for Guns and Furs. These are specified, and are covered for Accidental Damage and Loss as standard, as well as being insured worldwide automatically.

Home Emergency

A sudden and unforeseen domestic situation, which, if not dealt with quickly, could:

• Make their home unsafe or insecure;
• Damage, or cause further damage to the home;
• Cause unreasonable discomfort, difficulties or risk to the policyholder.

Domestic Employee Liability

The insurers will pay any amounts agreed if your client becomes legally liable to pay any domestic staff arising out of accidental death or bodily injury caused to them as a result of the work they are employed to do, anywhere within the United Kingdom.