The policies can protect Surgeries from a range of covers such as Buildings, Contents, stock, medicines and Doctors’ bags, plus Public and Employer liability (but not Med Mal). From Dentists to Doctors we have your client covered.

Key Points of Cover
  • Buildings and Contents insurance
  • Stock and medicines cover
  • Some surgery specific enhancements, i.e. refrigerated drugs and Doctors’ bags
Buildings Insurance

Cover can be included for the physical building of the shop or salon, as long as the policyholder owns the property. Cover can be extended to include subsidence, heave or landslip cover, and will cover a wide range of All Risk perils from Fire and Theft to flood, water and storm damage.

Tenant Improvements

Tenant improvements allows a tenant that has improved the building they have rented to cover the improvements made. For example a tenant may have rented a shell, but then put in place internal decorations and enhancements to improve the appearance of their unit. This would be insured under this section. Like Buildings cover, cover will include a wide range of All Risk perils from Fire and Theft to flood, water and storm damage.

Shop Front and Glass

Glass cover is usually considered part of the property owner's insurance, so if you don’t own the building you may want to talk with your landlord to ascertain what you are liable for and what is covered by commercial property insurance. An optional cover you might want to consider though is ‘shop front’ insurance. Whilst your landlords’ policy may cover the glass, you may still have signs and window set ups which can be expensive to replace if damaged. Shop front insurance will provide cover for these elements.

Computer Breakdown

Provides cover for breakdown or failure of computer equipment or records, can be very important cover for businesses that are heavily reliant on their computer systems. Specified All Risks This section allows the Business Owner to specify items outside the office, for example Laptops, Mobile Phones or specialist equipment, i.e. Surveyors Instruments.

Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance is in place to protect the policyholder and their customers. As the owner the Policyholder is responsible for making sure the shop is as risk free as possible but accidents can still happen. Public liability insurance will cover loss, damage or injury to a third party on your premises. For example – if a customer were to slip or trip and injure themselves, your PL cover would pay out should legal action be taken.

Employers Liability

In a similar way to Public Liability, this is to protect you against claims from your own employees. This is a legal requirement, so should always be carried when staff are employed, even if volunteers or family members.

Unspecified Contents

Unspecified contents will cover all of your contents, so everything that would fall out of the property if you were to turn it upside down. For example, fridges, freezers, tables and chairs etc. The exception is stock, i.e. goods that you sell to your customers. This is covered in the next section; Stock and Target Stock. Unspecified contents cover would protect the policyholder against a wide range of All Risk perils from Fire and Theft to flood, water and storm damage.

Business Interruption

This cover protects against any loss of gross income due to a break in commercial activity following an insured material loss at the premises. For example, a flood damages your premises, and you are unable to trade for 8 months. This section would provide cover for lost income in that period. A degree of Business Interruption cover may be included as standard, please refer to the quote documentation.

Money Cover

This can provide protection for loss of money, whilst on the premises during business hours, overnight in a safe, or whilst in transit to the bank. It can also be included whilst at the home of directors/employees or whilst kept in a bank night safe.


Extends policy cover to include the damage from a terrorist act.

Legal Expenses

This section provides support with legal fees when taking legal action against a third party, should cover be required you should let your adviser know.