Landlord Winter Weather Liabilities

The winter months always brings more than just cold weather, shorter days and winter storms with ice and snow. A property manager or landlord, snow and ice pose a hazard with the potential for costly liability. Depending on the circumstances of the lease/tenancy agreement, a property manager or landlord could possibly be held responsible for […]

Reduce your energy costs

We go out to market for prices, negotiating directly with a large pool of approved UK energy suppliers for the best and most suitable tariffs available. Save money Benefit from our expertise, we’ll do the hard work for you! We enjoy strong purchasing power, having built and maintained relationships with all major and many independent […]

Would you pay twice for one product??

Believe it or not over 30% of British businesses do this every year without even knowing it, let me explain.I love the new Ford Ranger pick up truck, from £21000 it's a great vehicle at a reasonable price, now then, if I went to the dealership and agreed on the price I wouldn't then expect […]