Even Cold Air Can Heat Your Home Or Business. Find Out How You Can Channel This Into Your Property


What is a Air Source Heat Pump?

An Air Source Heat Pump is a Renewable Energy technology, allowing you to use the latent heat in the air to heat your home or business and to provide your property with 100% of the hot water you use throughout the year.

Why should I install an Air Source Heat Pump?

Although Air Source Heat Pumps are beaten on efficiency by Ground Source Heat Pumps, they are the perfect solution when your property doesn’t have the required space for a GSHP or you do not want to be disrupted by a GSHP system’s required groundwork's.

An Air Source Heat Pump System will usually give you huge running cost savings over your current method of fossil fuel heating and will still keep your home or business a perfect temperature even when the temperature is -15˚C outside.

Air Source Heat Pumps are 300% efficient, meaning for every 1kWh of electricity you use to run the pump, 3kWh of heat will be generated to heat your home.


How do Air Source Heat Pump work?

Heat is collected using a fan to direct the flow of air over a copper coil containing a refrigerant.

The heat contained in the air boils the refrigerant and turns it into a vapour. This vapour is then compressed which brings it’s temperature up to around 100˚C.

The heat from this vapour is finally passed through a heat exchanger which heats up the water from the domestic water supply to power your central heating and hot water.