Use Heat From The Sun To Heat Your Water, Even When It Isn’t Shining.

What is Solar Thermal?

Solar Thermal systems are designed to heat the hot water stored in your hot water tank by utilising heat from the sun. Unlike Solar PV panels. Solar Thermal collects the heat from the sun and not the light,
meaning they can still work effectively on cloudy days and when the sun isn’t shining. They also work, albeit not as efficiently, in the winter months.

Why should I install Solar Thermal?

Solar Thermal is a Renewable Energy technology that, compared to other systems, are relatively inexpensive. They will generally provide 60% of your hot water requirements for an entire year. During April to September, your Solar Thermal system should provide almost all your hot water, meaning if your boiler isn't being used for central heating, your heating costs should be close to zero during this period. You can see from this how Installing Solar Thermal really can save you money.

How does Solar Thermal work?

Solar energy is absorbed by vacuum sealed glass tubes, this solar energy heats up a heat transfer liquid in the bottom of each tube. The heated fluid rises to the top of the tube where it heats water that is being circulated by a pump through the copper pipes in an insulated section at the top of the panel.
This water is then pumped into a heat exchange coil inside a hot water cylinder, where the heat passes from the coil and into the water in the cylinder to be used within your property.When the heat transfer fluid in the tubes cool, it falls to the bottom of the tube to be reheated.