Believe it or not over 30% of British businesses do this every year without even knowing it, let me explain.

I love the new Ford Ranger pick up truck, from £21000 it's a great vehicle at a reasonable price, now then, if I went to the dealership and agreed on the price I wouldn't then expect the dealer to then charge me half of my savings from changing my vehicle plus a finders fee for sourcing the truck, however that's exactly what a lot of utility brokers do every day to business owners, I've recently heard from several newly acquired customers that they were paying a fixed monthly fee (just for looking at the bills!) then they were paying the broker 50% of the savings, whilst all the time the brokers were receiving commissions from the suppliers that they placed the customer with in the first place, OK, I agree that companies need to make money, but there's a huge line between making money and being just plain greedy.

lets break down the difference, one customer was paying £100 fee per month, they were also paying 50% of the savings from a previous supplier, this was substantial at £5000, plus the brokerage were being paid an estimated £1000 in commission from the supplier, with us the customer has saved even more, they won't be paying any monthly amount to us,and they keep 100% of the savings, we actually saved them over £12000, the business owners were pleased as that saving meant they could employ another part time member of staff, you see it's more than just money, it's about working with and building relationships with customers, the icing on the cake for this particular customer was the fact that he had a visit from one of our team, and he had his hand held through the entire process, the previous brokerage did everything through phone calls and emails.

Sure our company makes money, we do get a commission from our suppliers, but our customers pay us nothing (except maybe a cup of tea or coffee) and to date we've managed to save hundreds of thousands for our customers, if we can't get the right products at the right price for our customers we don't expect to do business, hence we don't get paid.

As a fairly new company we are definitely making waves in the utility brokerage community, we pay our account managers some of the highest commissions in the marketplace, whilst all the time sourcing some exceptional deals for our customers, if you would like to know more please visit our web site or send me a message, I'm proud of what we do and I'm excited about our future, thanks for reading.